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What grill temp for...?

What grill temp for chicken? What temp for my burger? What temp for salmon? If you've been asking all this question, you are in the right place.

It can be hard to find the perfect temperature, especially when you grill with a portable propane BBQ. More than often they don't have the little thermometer that can help you. So how should you guess the right temperature for your DELICOUS meal?

First of all, don't be in a hurry! Always preheat the grill before using it. Don't place foods on the grates immediately when the fire is on. Your food going to stick to grates which will affect it's doneness and beauty. Don't be that guy! Normally, all propane grills have a heat regulator, from 0°F (the lowless) to 500°F (the highess), if you remember that think you'll be alright.

In general, the perfect temperature for red meat are 400°F. That temperature will be at three-quarter of heat regulator. Same for pork and lamb. The heat needs to be high because you want that crust outside and soft inside. It's how you can get the perfect medium rare steak.

For chicken, slow it down a little. 350°F is the perfect temperature for chicken, it needs to be cook perfectly as well, you don't want salmonella eh? Chicken meat needs to keep its juice inside, so don't be aggressive with heat and mostly do not pierce chicken meat.

Seafood are not more complicated but it takes a little more heat. Some people think the opposite because seafood can be really fragile, but 450°F is the perfect temperature for seafood. The meat is so tender that you just need to sear it (not for too long!) Plus some of them have shell, like lobster tail, so YES more heat!

What's the difference between you and a chief? Not much, but there's one thing, almost everyone forget when they grill meat... REST IT BEFORE CUTTING!! No need to be long...maximum 5 minutes. If you respect that rule, you're in business.

Veggies (my favorite part!) needs a 350°F heat to be perfect. The difficult part about veggies is that it can not ''really'' be on direct heat. If you have a portable grill like us, you don't have the double level or multi burner like most of the big master barbecue. The grill mat will become your best friend. We seriously use it every day! It's a non-stick alternative to aluminum, you don't need oil or cooking spray, it's reusable, easy to pack, eco-friendly and easy washable. We have the Cookina Cooking Sheet, and we totally recommend it!

If you're not sure about the temperature even after these tips or if you grill on fire. You can get a digital thermometer, it's easy to use and it will help you to have the perfect temperature for food. Thermopro TP20 is a must and it's enough small to keep it in your bag and bring it everywhere.


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