About us

We use it everyday

In May 2019, we started our dream to travel full time in a van with our dog across the America. After 2 years of planning, we finally left our home in Québec (Canada), headed to Alaska to spend the summer and live the midnight sun. We are currently heading south following the west coast, destination Argentina! In this trip, we see many amazing views, kilometers of road, various wildlife but also need to cook our meals using our grill every day. 

We are familiar with camping gear as we are both from families who grew up around camping. Going on weekend trips and vacations in the family trailer are such great memories.

Finding your Grill

During our travel preparation, we had to find what we would use to cook our meals. As in any type of camping trip, limited space is always an issue. You have to choose the right grill that cooks well but is also compact and durable to follow us in any kind of adventures. Now that we are traveling for multiple months, we have a better understanding of the kind of grill required.

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Driving a Van


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